Emma Elizabeth Smith

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Emma Elizabeth Smith

Emma Elizabeth Smith was a 45-year-old widow, who lived in a common lodging house at 18 George Street, Spitalfields.

At seven o’clock on the evening of Easter Monday, 2nd April 1888, Emma Smith went out.

In the early hours of 3rd April 1888 Emma Smith staggered back into the lodging house and told the deputy keeper, Mrs Mary Russell, that she had been attacked and robbed of all her money.

Emma was said to be in a dreadful state. Her head and face were injured, her right ear had nearly been torn off and she complained of pains in the lower part of her body.

Mrs Russell immediately took Emma to the London Hospital. Unfortunately her injuries were severe and she did not survive them.

A blunt instrument had been inserted into her vagina with great force and had ruptured the perineum. At nine o’clock on Wednesday morning she died of peritonitis.