PC Mizen 55H

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PC Mizen 55H

Early Life

The 1871 Census shows Jonas Mizen was born in Radwinter, Essex, in 1848. Jonas Mizen was originally a gardener based in Mitcham, Surrey.

Police Career

Jonas Mizen joined the Metropolitan Police in 1873. His warrant number was 56678. Jonas served in H-division (Whitechapel) throughout his career.

Mary Ann Nicols' (Polly) Murder 31st August 1888

Constable PC 55H Jonas Mizen from Division H was one of the first to arrive on the scene after the murder of Mary Ann Nichols in the early hours of 31st August 1888.

Charles Cross, a carman, of 22 Doveton Street, Bethnal Green, and Robert Paul, also a carman, were the first to find the body of Mary Ann Nichols, also known as "Polly". They met PC MIzen 55H in Baker’s Row, at the junction of Hanbury and Old Montague Street, where they told him of their discovery.

Unknown to PC Mizen 55H, at around 3.45am PC John Neil 97J had also discovered the body of Mary Ann Nichols.

PC Mizen was the third constable to arrive at the murder scene. He was sent to fetch an ambulance and further assistance from Bethnal Green Police Station.

PC Mizen, PC Neil and Sergeant Kirby left with the body to go to the mortuary.